Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor soccer is a type of five- a-side soccer, a variation of outdoor soccer. The sport is played don a rectangular shape court with an artificial turf Surface. The play area is fully surrounded by walls. Some of the major changes from outdoor soccer are, there are no offsides, and no out-od-bounds; the ball can be bounce off the walls without stoppage of play. Due to the nature of the game, there are more passes and more goal; some people think it is more fun than outdoor soccer.
Some of the best international players like Ronaldinho have started playing soccer at an indoor soccer field. Indoor soccer is a much faster paced game than outdoor because the walls create less frequent stoppages than an outdoor game. Since the ball is continually in play, with only a few breaks in play, there are more chances for touches on the ball and constant action.
Just call or text this number (760) 799-5117
Typically, a team registers up to 8 players per team, but keep in mind only 5 players on the field play (1 goalie and 4 players). There are no limits on how many players you can register.

Monday - Men's League (Open Age)

Tuesday - Men's League (Open Age)

Wednesday - Kids (2008-2009)

Thursday - Men's League (Open Age)

Friday - COED League (Open Age)

Saturday - Kids (2010-2011)

Sunday - Veteranos League (30+)

Yes, we welcome free-agent player. We will try our best to find you a team you can play with. Call or text his number (760) 799-5117.
Yes, we have rules and you can get a free hard copy at the front desk
Yes, we always have private events, typically during the weekends. For a free quote call or text this number (760) 799-5117.

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